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Complete Gynecological Examination
Hyumeira Amet Oglou Specialist Obstetrician Gynecologist Surgeon - Xanthi

Hyumeira Amet Oglou, a specialized obstetrician-gynecological surgeon based in Xanthi, offers a complete gynecological examination that covers the health and well-being needs of women. This examination includes various procedures and tests, including pap smear and hpv DNA test, aimed at preventing, detecting and diagnosing possible gynecological problems.

The Pap test is a procedure to detect cervical cancer and problems related to the vaginal wall. This procedure involves collecting a cell sample from the cervix and analyzing it under a microscope to detect abnormalities.

The hpv DNA test aims to detect the human papilloma virus (hpv), which is often linked to the development of cervical cancer. This test allows prevention and monitoring of women at high risk exposed to this virus.

Through these procedures, Dr. Hyumeira Amet Oglu provides a comprehensive and coherent examination of the protection and maintenance of women's health. Through early detection and diagnosis of potential problems, women can receive appropriate therapeutic interventions and ensure their health and well-being.