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Puberty - Menopause
Hyumeira Amet Oglu Specialist Obstetrician Gynecologist Surgeon

Adolescence and menopause are two important stages in a woman's life, and Dr. Hyumeira Amet Oglou, a specialist obstetrician-gynecological surgeon based in Xanthi, has the necessary experience and knowledge to offer support and care in every phase of these transitional periods.

During adolescence, Dr. Amet Oglu provides a specialized approach to managing women's health issues that arise during this time.





It undertakes to educate and inform young people about the changes occurring in their bodies and offers advice on hygiene, nutrition, sexual health and protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

Regarding menopause, Dr. Amet Oglu offers support and care to women who are experiencing this normal transition in their lives. It discusses the changes that occur in the body and psyche of women during menopause and offers potential treatment options for managing symptoms.

  Through her experience and professionalism, dr. Amet Oglu ensures that women receive the best possible care and support during these important physiological transitions in their lives.